Semalt: Is jQuery The Best JavaScript Library For Screen Scraping?

jQuery is the cross-platform JavaScript library that is designed to simplify client-side scripting of HTML. It's safe to say that jQuery is one of the best and widely deployed JavaScript libraries. With this library, you can quickly add animation effects to your site, scrape web documents or build screen scrapers to accomplish your data extraction tasks. You can also build Android, iOS and web applications using jQuery's framework, Cordova.

Screen scraping or data extraction is the process of scraping information or data from the internet using bots and spiders. jQuery's syntax is designed to make it easy for you to navigate through web documents, scrape data, select DOM elements, create animations, develop AJAX applications. One of the most distinctive features of this JavaScript library is that it enables developers and programmers to build advanced screen scrapers, create abstractions for WordPress themes and widgets. The modular approach to jQuery allows us to create powerful and dynamic web pages and applications.

Other JavaScript Libraries that are worth Your attention:

Different JavaScript frameworks and libraries streamline the workflow, boost the development of screen scrapers and offer better features in terms of responsive design. Some of the most famous JavaScript libraries are discussed below:

1. D3.js

Data-driven Documents (D3.js) is considered to be the best and most effective open-source JavaScript library. It helps build web scrapers and includes numerous plugins built to give an interactive look at your site and scrape data from the net. This JavaScript library is compatible with all web browsers and operating systems.

2. Chart.js

It is another open-source JavaScript library to build scrapers that have features similar to that of and Octoparse. However, you can accomplish small-scale web scraping tasks only with its scrapers. This JavaScript framework is recommended for comprehensive documentation, and Chart.js is based on SVG, instead of the HTML5 canvas.

3. FusionCharts

It is a charting library suitable for developers and designers. FusionCharts consists of more than 80 chart types and thousands of maps, leaving MetricsGraphics and Google Charts far behind. With this JavaScript library, you cannot build any web scraper and cannot extract data from the internet. However, this framework is the prior choice of Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, and Google. Plus, it is compatible with browsers like IE 6, 7 and 8.

4. Google Charts

It lets you build anything from the plain line charts to the complex tree-maps. Google Charts comes with pre-built chart galleries, different customization options, and data tools. You can build basic screen scrapers using this JavaScript library, but you cannot build advanced data extractors (such as ParseHub and Kimono Labs).


jQuery's architecture allows you to create different plugins and scrapers with ease. It is far better than other JavaScript libraries and is suitable for both programmers and developers. Other JavaScript libraries are helpful to accomplish basic tasks and have limited number of options and features. However, all JavaScript libraries improve the user experience and are compatible with all web browsers and operating systems. New libraries are being introduced on a daily basis, but jQuery helps us understand JavaScript in a better way and is used to develop screen scrapers quickly.